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Miss Stand Against Poverty USA, 2020

More Than A Beauty Pageant!

“Beauty” should not be judged and focused solely on the visual and perceptual experience of the epidermis of which one sees daily.  The showcasing of positive attitudes with the commitment to serve and nurture the underprivileged within our society, and possessing a general respect for our natural environment, nature and our Mother Earth, constitute the total package of “Beauty” inside and out.  
- Dr. Louisa Williams, Founder & CEO -


Are You Beautiful Inside Out and Passionate About Making a Difference Society and Humanity?

Take The First Step

Miss Stand Against Poverty USA, a humanitarian-based beauty pageant, is now accepting applications to compete and become the next 2020 crowned winner. For more information, click on the link below.

Prizes & Opportunities

The Best for Our Bests!

The Miss Stand Against Poverty USA Pageant offers an extensive line of award packages and opportunities for its winners.  Every contestant is considered a winner just by participating in our competition.  Along with being exposed to leaders in the entertainment, arts and the fashion industries, all participants will be introduced to high level business executives, philanthropists and politicians whom will be in attendance.  Find out the prize packages that will be available for our top winners.

The Miss Stand Against Poverty USA Pageant is Not Just Another Beauty Contest!

We are a Pageant with a Cause!

Miss Stand Against Poverty USA is a humanitarian-based beauty pageant that focuses on empowering young women with the awareness and tools to engage in the fight against poverty in our communities. Our goal is to incorporate physical beauty with inner beauty to care for the disenfranchised and our environment. Encouraging young woman find their complete beauty through philanthropy is what the Miss Stand Against Poverty USA Beauty Pageant thrives for.

"Creating A World Where Poverty Will Be, No More!"

Taking Care of Each Other

Our volunteers are not only beautiful, they are also very engaged in the work our parent company, Stand Against Poverty, Inc., does. We carefully select our future contestants by evaluating their level of humanitarianism and the willingness to care for the environment. Our Crowned Miss Stand Against Poverty USA will be working and representing our projects and goals that focus on humanity, environment, and poverty. We will map out plans to achieve these goals. This is what we live for: merging our natural beauty, creativity and caring for each other in a way that brings results in the fight to abolish extreme poverty.


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